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Fantasy and Sci Fi Links

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine

Valdemar's Heartstone A Mercedes Lackey Page, hasn't been updated in a while

Queen's Own Homepage The Official Mercedes Lackey Fan Club. The whole persona/FanFic business is a bit weird,but that's just MHO

Dragoncraft Lisanne Norman's homepage

Dragonclaw Kate Forsyth's Homepage

Tanya Huff Fanpage Info on her books, news nd and reviews

SFF Net Another good site to look for your favourite writers

Bastian's Dreams

Faeries and Other Wee Folk A Fairy Site with a big gallery

Fairy Lore and Pictures Good Pictures and some excellent art links

Lynn Flewelling One of my favourite Fantasy writers. Lynn rocks!! Read her books NOW!!

Carol Berg Another kickass newcomer in Fantasy.

Rie Sheridan Rie is a lovely lady and newly published writer I met on the net. There are many infos about her Fantasy world and characters.. she loves Elves as well ;-) and comes up with great names.. well I love names ;-)

Tolkien and Lord of the Rings Movie Links

Lord of the Rings Movie - Official Page One of the best german sites with regular news and a great community

The OneRingNet up to date info and loads of stuff

Lord of the Rings Online Fanclub Chatrooms, message boards, picture galleries, get in contact with other Fans

Planet Tolkien Good Fansite, with Movie info and pics

E-Online Lord of the Rings Special Ongoing report about the movie, the cast and all sorts of gossip

Movie-List - The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Movie list itself is an excellent source on movie trailers of any kind

Palantír Tolkien Page with Art and more

The Hobbit Site More Tolkien Art


Tolkien Languages and Fonts by Dan Smith Awesome site with great Tolkien fonts and extensive info on the Languages of Middle Earth. Follow his links to even more sites about the subject.

Yamada Language Center: Tolkien Languages Tolkien fonts for Macintosh, and good links to other Tolkien sites

Mellonath Daeron Index of Tengwar Specimina For those who want to get seriously into the linguistics of Middle Earth

Fantasy Art Links

April Lee A brillant artist. Sometimes she seems to see the Other Realms through my eyes

Arthur Rackham Not really Fantasy Art, but well, it is full of fairies and goblins...a real classic

The World of Froud The Master of Fairy Art, Brian Froud and Wendy, his wife, who makes the most stunning dolls and puppets

Elfwood The biggest amateur Art gallery on the net

Heaven of Fantasy Pictures Vast ressource for the who is who in Fantasy Art

Black Mermaid Well, Mermaids and more mermaids, beautiful and bright - The artist of The Old Wavedancers, formerly part of the EQ Universe

Wendy Strang-Frost One of the artists in the Elfquest universe.

Michael Whelan Archive the Number One in Book Covers, there is hardly a famous Fantasy writer he hasn't illustrated for

Terry Windling's Endicott Studio

J.R.R. Tolkien Inspired Artwork Gallery

Dragon's Den A good collection of Dragon pics

Elfquest Links The Official Site One of the best german Elfquest pages, lots of Fanart and contacts The site of the german publisher of Elfquest

Elfquest Ressource Pages A well of information and the best trading post for EQ

Catherine Grishina's EQ Page Cate is one of the best fan artists I have ever seen. She has devoted her page mostly to Nightfall and Redlance

Teir's Den A Teir Fan Page

The Gazers A Skywise Fan Page

Strongbow Fan Page

Scott's EQ Timeline For those who wanna know the nitpicky details.

Lightweaver's EQ Page A german fanpage

Erica's Elfquest Page Fanart, Trivia, etc., great site!!

For Elf Eyes Only Peacepine's Page, Fanart, fanfic

Suntop Fan Page

R.A.S.H. The Rayek Fan Page

Rushwater Holt

Celtic Links

Clothing of the Ancient Celts

Everything Celtic on the Web A vast link collection about every celtic region and subject

Celtic Heart Another wonderful site about the Celts and their heritage

Celtic Grounds A Site about Celtic culture, history, myth, lore and much more

Celtic Art and Illumination Beautiful Celtic jewellery

Ancient Circles Celtic Jewellery, Crafts and Art

Mystic Caravan Jewellery, Arts and Crafts, not only celtic, but also norse, neoromantic and mystical

Scotland & Gaelic Links

Sabhal Mor Ostaig The Gaelic College on the Isle of Skye.

Carmina Gadelica Gaelic/english archive with a big part of Alexander Carmichaels famous collection of Highland songs, prayers and incantations

Speaking our Language Basic Lessons in gaelic

Tartan Register For those who are interested in the Tartan

Clan Finder Searching for facts and links on your ancestors clans? This is the site

Culloden About the desastrous final battle, that changed the face of the Highlands forever

Men in Kilts For those lassies and lads who love a man in a kilt

A wee peek under a Scotsman's kilt Ahem!!! I know it is an old joke *g*

Diana Gabaldon Official Hompage

Through The Stones THE Website for fans of Diana Gabaldon's epic Scotland/timetravel novel

Scotland National Trust

Harps and Music

The Contemplator's Folk Music Site This splendid site must be seen to believe!!! A vast ressource of Folk songs, with midi files of the melodies, a huge collection of O'Carolan tunes and much more

Child Ballads This is part of the Contemplator site, but a collection worth mentioning on it own. Go to Folk Heaven!!

Òrain Ghaidhlig Gaelic song lyrics

Basket Case Ceòl Gàidhlig More lyrics

An Cliath Clis A Nova Scotia Milling Song choir, they have a big songbook with waulking songs on their site

Folksong Index / Volkslieder Verzeichnis

Firebird Arts & Music Catalog A good ressource for Filk music and similar stuff

All the Filk on the Web

Kirstin's Website A german Filker, she publishes the LFA magazine

Let'sFilk AboutThe german Filk magazine

Harp Page Countless links to all things harpish

Frank Sievert, Harpmaker This is the guy who made my harp and he is a genius!!!

Kleeworld This guy used to be my teacher, he is a marvellous harper (check out his CD) and a Mac guru ;-)

History links


Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

Medieval and Renaissance Fact and Fiction

Medieval Domestic Life

Labyrinth/medieval Ressources

Romancing the Celtic Soul - Historical Research…

Ancient sites

Stone Pages

Culinary History & Culture

Women's History Resources

WWWomen: History

Pagan links

Sisterhood of Avalon

Witches Sabbats

Costuming & Fabrics

Färbehof German - Beautiful fabrics, dyed with natural plant-dyes. Mostly wool and silk.

Anita Pavani Naturstoffe German - A good range of natural fabrics of high quality

The History of Costume by Braun & Scheider

Milieux: The Costume Site

ShanJens's Costume Links

Fine Arts &Literature links

CGFA- Carol Gerten's Fine Art- A Virtual Art Museum A huge collection of art from many periods. Excellent!!!

Heart's Ease Pre-Raffaelites, Literature, Poetry. Lovely!

The Art Realm A collection of Pre-Raffaelite Art

Pre-Raffaelite Collection

Maxfield Parrish

Shakespeares Sonnets

Anthroplogy links

Anthropology Resources on the Internet

UCSB Anthropology Web Links

UCSB Anthropology Cool Web Stuff

Cross Stitching

Cross Stitch Corner German X-Stitch Online-Shop with a wide range of international supplies

Diane's Design An online store where you can get all sorts of X-Stitch supplies

2busystitching A ressource Page for X-Stitching

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